March 2020

3-14-2020 Bible Verse of the Day: 2 Peter 1:3-8
Old-Site of the Day: The Godzilla Saga RARRRRRRRRR!!!!! An anglefire fan site about Toho's vererable giant monster, with a few articles on other series. Judging by the updates on the 1st page this site dates back to at least 2005.

3-13-2020 Wow, it's Friday the 13th. Didn't realize it would be this month till yesterday, so I don't have anything lined up. :/
Bible Verse of the Day: Romans 8:26-30
Old-Site of the Day: Cold Fusion Video Reviews This was one of my favorite sites late in highschool, but a server crash took it offline. A domain squatter took over the site a few years later. They added a Robots.txt file, so by the time I made this site there wasn't even anything left in the WayBackMachine. Today, luckily, has removed their Robots.txt restrictions, so I can show it to you! It's a B-Movie review site by Nathan Shumate. Here's his current site. The sci-fi, fantasy, & horror reviews are just perfect for Friday the 13th, no? It also has reviews of old kids flicks, and westerns.

3-11-2020 Bible Verse of the Day: Deuteronomy 7:9

3-10-2020 Old-Site of the Day: Mr. Video One of the few remainig independent video rental stores. Shoot, one of the few remaning video rental stopes, period; no need to add the qualifer with Blockbuster, Hollywood Video, & Hastings gone. The oldest version i can find of their site actually has a link to Amazon. Something ironic about that...

3-8-2020 Bible Verse of the Day: James 5:14-16

3-6-2020 Old-Site of the Day: Walt Dated World "Since 2001, the home for all of your favorite Walt Disney World attractions that no longer exist!"
Bible Verse of the Day: 1 Peter 2:16

3-5-2020 Warner Chapel Music...Oh boy. A YouTuber posted a video arguing that a Katie Parie song didn't infringe on another song's copyright. Then her publisher claimed his video.

3-4-2020 Old-Site of the Day: A fan page for the early electronic song Popcorn. Give's the song's history, & lists different versions of the song. Since 2005. Just found this a few minutes ago in a YouTube commment. Who says all YouTube comments are worthless?

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