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12-31-16 Old-Site of the Day: Doesgodexist.org, September/October 1995 Issue Christian apologetics in a magazine format. Running since at least the 80's. This is their first online issue.
Bible Verse of the Day: Lamentations 3:21-23
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12-29-16 12-28-16 Old-site of the Day: MicKinley.com in 1997 It's hard to find information on Magellan, a mid-90's search engine that was bought by Excite. If you try to look it up on Wikipedia you're redirected to Excite's article. Nevertheless, there is some information out there. Here's what I've found: Magellan was not at Magellan.com; it was at McKinley.com. Magellan, like Excite, was designed to take queries in plain English. It also had a directory which provided site reviews, like Excite. The search engine did have one unique feature: you could choose to search the web, the directory, or special, editor approved family-friendly "green light" sites. I haven't found any saved searches from this engine, so I can't say how well it worked. The home page is cleaner than Excite's tho. Here's an article about Excite Buying Magellan. And here's Wikipedia articles on Magellan's co-founders: Christine and Isabel Maxwell Wikipedia's editors should really link those to Excite's page...
Bible Verse of the Day: Proverbs 4:14-15
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12-22-16 Old-Site of the Day: Excite.com, in 1996 Excite was a search engine which used statistical data to try to match web documents to user queries, even if the documents didn't use the exact same words as the users. Also offered "subject grouping," which sounds like clustering, tho I haven't seen an example of it in any saved searches. Bought several other engines, including Magellan and WebCrawler, garnered massive amounts of debt, and merged with an early broadband provider named @home before going bankrupt. You know what engine they didn't buy? Google. After the bankruptcy, their technology was sold to Infospace, who shelved it in favor of metasearching, and their website was sold to a lesser-known company which eventually merged with AskJeeves. Excite also had a web directory. Instead of just listening good sites they'd list anything and they'd give it a review. A good review was a mark of quality; the backlink was not. Here's an example search, for "arts," from 1999. Here's another, for "computers," also from '99. One more example search, about Video Games, from 1999.
Bible Verse of the Day: Luke 2:22-32
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Bible Verse of the Day: Psalm 1:1
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12-20-16 Bible Verse of the Day: Proverbs 15:5
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Bible Verse of the Day: Proverbs 16:3
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12-17-16 Old-Site of the Day: Search.com in 2001 I said subject-specific search services used to be popular; this site let you search over 800 of 'em. Sadly, the directory links to Search.com's advanced search page instead of a list of subject-specific directories. They do have a list of top searches, which is fun to browse.
Bible Verse of the Day: Proverbs 18:2
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Bible Verse of the Day: Proverbs 10:1
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12-15-16Bible Verse of the day:
Proverbs 25:2
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Bible Verse of the Day: Proverbs 1:8-9
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12-13-16And here's some good news, Archive.org finally added a search feature to their web archive: Try the new, searchable Wayback website archive!
Bible Verse of the Day: Mark 3:25-16
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Bible Verse of the Day: Hebrews 11
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Bible Verse of the Day: Genesis 2:23
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12-8-16 Archive.org This is what the Internet Archive looked like when it first launched! (or, at the very least, this is the earliest version of the Internet Archive in the Internet Archive.)
Bible Verse of The Day: Exodus 20
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12-7-16 Old-site of the day: Northernlight.com Northernlight was an eary clustering search engine. Sites were pre-sorted into catagories. Also had exclusive articles, which users had to pay to access. Popular with advanced searchers, it never really caught on with the public in general. Somehow, it's survived, but it only indexes 1000 or so business news sites: Northernlight Today
Here are some example searches from back-in-the-day: Northernlight Movies Search Northernlight Computers Search Northernlight Programing Search
Bible Verse for Today: Luke 15:11-32
P.S. Today is Pearl Harbor Day. Show respect for veterans.
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12-6-16 Old-site of the day: Yahoo.com, just before Christmas in 1996 Yahoo was a web directory at the time, and it was the most popular site on the world wide web. This was back in the day when ISP's gave their users webspace with their account. As such most sites listed don't have their own domain name; the url's look like this: http://www.someserver.net/~username/webpage.html
Bible Verse of the day: Ezra Chapter 3
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12-5-16 Old-site of the day: "The Anatomy of a Large-Scale Hypertextual Web Search Engine" Describes how Google works. You should at least skim this. Things I learned: Google's PageRank algorithm involves more than counting links pointing to a page; pages that are already popular (e.g. have many inbound links) carry greater weight than unpopular pages. Also, Google has a random factor; a sort-of guess that a user may stop clicking on links and enter a new address. This can be adjusted by IP addresses, so spammy sites can be targeted and deranked. My explanation is rather poor; I'd reccomend reading the actual paper. Here's another good article on PageRank: PageRank Article from WebWorkshop. The writer steps through the algorithm to show how it effects different pages' ranking.
Here's a Bible Verse for today: Matthew 7:7
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12-3-16 Old-site of the day: Something.com in 1999. This is either the greatest page in the world, or the worst; I can't decide which. And, yes, it's still there: Something.com today. At the very least it's a fast site, possible the fastest site on the internet.
Bible Verse of the day: Acts 17:23
12-2-16 Old-site of the Day: imdb.com/reviews. IMDB started off on Usenet. They still have an archive of old usenet posts, but I cannot find a link to it on their main page. I've provided a link to their index page, but most of the links on that page appear to be broken. Luckily, Google has a search feature that will let users limit their search to a specific directory on a site. Google may require you to enter a catchpa; don't ask me why. I can't see a spammer trying to track a specific directory on a webserver. Here's a review of Jurassic Park from 1993. Here's a surprisingle-positive review of Star Wars Episode I. And here's a mid-80's essay comparing the first Star Wars movie with Citizen Kane to see if Star Wars is truly "great."
Here's a Bible Verse for today: Corinthians 13:1-13
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12-1-16 Old-site of the Day: Zerx.com. This is an odd one. It's a search engine that started in 1999 or 2000. It's still alive, but has had few updates. Works fairly well for single word queries, but returns less relevant results for more specific searches. Here's the earliest version of Zerx the Internet Archive has, from May 10, 2000. Even today, it's still just "a prototype." When will it be ready?
With that in mind, here's a Bible verse for today: Luke 14:28
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11-30-16 Old-site of the Day: DMOZ.org, in 1999. I like DMOZ, even today. Their catagories have links to major search engines, so you can see how well AltaVista, All-the-Web, Excite and other engines worked.
Also, here's something newer, but very important: The FTC has a list of steps to help webmasters comply with the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act. A must read if you plan on staying around for awhile.
With that in mind, here's a Bible verse for today: Luke 18:15-17
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11-29-16: Old-site of the Day: Infoseek.com, in 1997. Never had a chance to use thier search engine, but the archived web directory is a good place to find old websites. Apparently includes both human edited and automatically added results.
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11-28-16: Make a web-site-ring without scripting. I never really liked WebRings(R), but if you're in the mood to make one for nostalgia purposes, here's a germ of an idea to start with.
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