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Pikachu Surfing

Pokemon came out right as most homes were getting access to the Internet. Naturaly, kids used their new-found voice to express their love for the series, & marketers used the web to spread info about all the avaliable Pokemon merchandise.

But wait, how could kids make a website? HTML might be easy, but hosting is expensive. Simple: in the late 90's there were a lot of companies offering free webspace. Most, sadly, are gone, but a few, like Anglefire, still ramain. I don't know how long they'll last tho...

I first heard of fansites in a magazine, Beckett's Unofficial Pokemon Collector.. They had a small section reviewing fan pages in thier second issue. Seeing that, I wanted to create a webpage myself, but our family didn't get the internet till '08 or '09.

Below you'll find links to old Pokemon pages, both official & fan-made, some only avaliable on web archives:

Official Sites

Pokemon WorldNintendo's official Pokemon Website, from 1998. Just an online brochure listing Pokemon merchandize. I got the main menu's "I'm an official Pokemon Trainer" button & the Craze page's map of the Pokemon World from a later version of this site.
KidsAnimation.comPioneer released the Pokemon Anime on VHS & DVD, one three-episode volume at a time. This is their official website from 2003.

Fan Pages

Zapados PokemasterA farily typical old fan site, found in the Wayback machine from a reddit link. The webmaster found the site archived, & decided to share it.
Dratinigirl's Pokemon SiteThis site has a lot of fan resources, plus a fairly long summary of the first movie, summary of each of the League episodes, info on the games, etc.
Ash & Misty's LoveA collection of scenes the webmasters believed indicated Ash & Misty had a crush on eachother. Awwwww...
Pokemon FantasyA very early fan site, from when the series was still in syndication. Lots of pictures.
PokeTownThis appears to be a professional site, created to attract Pokemon fans. Well-designed, with lots of links to infoon the series.
Pokemon CentralHas a long episode guide, done as a single block of text. Also has a preview of Gold & Silver
The Rise & Fall of PokemonA history of the Pokemon fandom, from 2001. I've read it before, & found it again via a link in reddit. The author showed up there to defend it. It's not a bad article, & it sums up the feeling of the era correctly.
PokeDream.comA large old fan site with guides to the games, still updated. Archived an interview with Satoshi Tajiri. Pretty much the only place I can find online to confirm that the anime & early games had the same protagonist.

It mighty be fun to look at Pokemon-related News Articles too:

Pokemon In The News

The Secret World of PokemonRather negative article explaining the series from Salon.com (1999) I got the surfing Pikachu picture you see above from this page.
Time: Beware of the PokemaniaAnother conpempoary article on the craze, from Time magazine. Actually not a bad history of the franchize to that point in time, but it carries a cautionary tone, noting that kids have gotten into fights over trading cards, etc.

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