Pokemon: The Games

Box art for Pokemon Blue Version

By today you know, or should know, that Pokemon started off as a Gameboy Game, & that the anime was based on it. When Nintendo released the series in the U.S., however, they released the TV show first. Playing the game was like living the show.

I remember getting the game for my tenth birthday, Blue Version, a gift from my grand parents. I secretly wanted Yellow, since it had Pikachu as a main character, but I was still thrilled. (Later I got a chance to play Yellow Version; it was much harder, so I was glad I got Blue.) I remember starting the game up that evening & reaching the Viridian Forest, excited that I was finally going on my Pokemon adventure, just like Ash. I chose Charmander as my first Pokemon; he looked like the character from the TV show while the other starters did not. I've liked his line ever since.

There were other games too. Pokemon pinball was popular, almost as popular as the main games. (It had better character designs than the main games, & pinball's just fun.) And we can't forget about Pokemon Stadium or Pokemon Snap, both popular games whose success hasn't been repeated.

More about the Games...

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