Web-Site-Ring: Create one without scripting

In 2015 Neocities introduced Surf Mode, an attempt to create a modern alternative to Web-Site-Rings using tags. The idea sounds good, but it has problems.

If someone wanted to, he could set up a WebRing at WebRings.org, but they require intrusive ads, and they'll only allow one to list a few sites for free.

As such, we need a way to create a web-site-ring without relying on NeoCities Surf Mode, or an out-side, non-free service. I think I've figured it out:

  1. Each Site in the ring has a number, assigned by the ring owner
  2. The ring owner creates two pages for each site: [siteNumber]_Previous.html and [siteNumber]_Next.html
  3. These pages are set up to redirect a visitor to the previous and next sites on the ring.
  4. If a site goes off-line, the ring's owner simply changes two files, the ones before and after the site.