Jan. 2019

1-31-19 Last day of the month... Time's moving so fast, but each day feels so slow...
Bible Verse of the Day: Romans 6:4
Old-Site of the Day: StreamLineFilms.com Distributes stockfootage, including clips from Planet of [the] Dinosaurs. Inspired the name of Streamline Pictures, Carl Macek's old anime distribution company. Their website first appears in the Wayback Machine in 2000, but wasn't really ready till 2003. Nice old layout, which hasn't changed much.

1-30-18 Old-Site of the Day: LaurelAndHardy.org An online magazine by a fan club from the UK. Earliest archive's from 1999, when it was hosted at AOL.
Bible Verse of the Day: Matthew 12:25-30

1-29-18 Bible Verse of the Day: Mark 9:35-37
Old-Site of the Day: SolarGuard.com About Tom Corbett, Space Cadet & other 50's TV Sci-Fi heroes. Since at least 1998. Based, in part, on a Fanzine the webmaster worked on in the 70's. Has a forum...which is more like a letters section; the webmaster didn't use forum software; people emailed their comments to him, & he'd post 'em.

1-28-19 Bible Verse of the Day: John 3:1-5
Old-Site of the Day: Chuck Pharis Web Page About old TV Broadcasting equipment. I linked to a page on DuMount's Electronicam.

1-26-19 Bible Verse of the Day: Acts 2:40-47
Old-Site of the Day: Acme.com A software company which has been around since the 80's. Their site looks almost exactly the same as it did in 1996.

1-25-19 Bible Verse of the Day: Exodus 34:6-8
Old-Site of the Day: TuxGraphics.org A collection of projects, from at least 2003 when it was called Katja's Graphics Corner. Electronics, Graphics, & Penguins!

1-24-19 Bible Verse of the Day: Romans 6:15-21 Some have said Paul & James contradict each other on Faith & Works, but I don't see it. It's just algebra; if A=B then B must equal A. James says you must have works to show you have faith; Paul says if you have Faith you'll have works.
Old-Site of the Day: The B-Hive, in 2001 While browsing Badmovies.org's forum, I found a link to this site. It's gone offline, like many small sites, but is saved in the Wayback Machine. While it looks like the Internet Archive only got a few captures, there is enough to explore, so have fun!

1-23-19 Bible Verse of the Day: James 2:14-16
Absoulte Playstation, In 1997 While looking for Croc: Legend of the Gobbos-related sites, I stubled onto GameRankings, which listed this site as a reviewer. The site's gone, but the archive could be fun to browse.

1-22-19 Bible Verse of the Day: Matthey 7:7-8
Old-Site of the Day: InkSpot.com, in 1997 While exploring the archived version of yesterday's old-site, I came across an article noting that Inkspot, another major writing site, was closing. They'd been bought by a media company which was beginning to feel the FX of the Dot Com Bubble. Too bad; it looks like a lovely site, with a layout which gholds up today. This is the earliest working archive I can find; I believe it went off line around 2001. (Don't quote me on that; it could've been earlier.) The domain name still exists, but it's just a place holder with a link to another writing site. Such is the way of the web...

1-21-19 Happy Martin Luther King Day!Bible Verse of the Day: Luke 10:25-37
Old-Site of the Day: Writing-World.com 'Hosted by writer/editor Moira Allen, Writing-World.com has been one of the web's leading "go-to" sites for writers since 2000! Whether you're just starting out, or an experienced pro seeking new opportunities, you'll find help in these pages.' Claims to have over 2000 articles. Not a bad resource. Here's one from Orson Scott Card on religion. Here's the earliest archive I can find, from 2001.

1-19-19 Microsoft ending support for the mobile version of Win10.
Emmy's phasing out DVD screeners.
Bible Verse of the Day: Matthew 7:13-14
Old-Site of the Day: Whirlin' Disk Records Since at least 1997, sells CD's of old music. Also sells 45's, LP's, DVD's, & tapes.

1-17-18 Bible Verse of the Day: Philippians 2:14-16Old-Site of the Day: DuMontNetwork.com Historical website about the 1st U.S. TV network. Since 1999. "The site was originally launched on February 5, 1999 as a one-page article on DuMont with a few links, and has since expanded to what you see today. This was the first, and is still the largest, DuMont resource on the Internet."

1-16-18 Old-Site of the Day: Telecruiser.com Since at least 2006. About a bus the Dumont TV network used for remote broadcasting. Pics of the restored Telecruiser, plus pics of what it looked like before restoration.
Bible Verse of the Day: Galatians 5:13-16

1-15-18 Bible Vrese of the Day: Proverbs 15:5
Old-Site of the Day: TV-Boxes.com Photos & info on old signal boosters & UHF converters. They look like 50's radios! Also includes a site on old TV in general. Since at least 1999.

1-14-18 Took a break for a week. Forgive me.
Bible Verse of the Day: 1st John 4:15-21
Over 62k views! Thank You!
Old-Site of the Day: MacDougall Electronics A small satalite dish company in Flordia. The owner became infamous in the early 80's for hyjacking HBO's signal. Since at least 1996.

1-5-19 Bible Verse of the Day: Isaiah 1:16-19
Old-Site of the Day: Forgotten Michigan "This page is called Forgotten Michigan. It details all the abandoned or nearly-abandoned buildings in Michigan that I can get to. Note: Many of these pages are heavy on pictures, so don't come crying to me if you don't have cable like I do. No, seriously, just be patient." Someone on AtariAge mentioned an old fast food chain, Penguine Point. Looked it up on Gigablast, & this site was the 1st result. Since at least 2004. Big list of restraunts, which might be fun to browse.

1-4-19 191;43

1-3-19 I'm still trying to get used to typing "19" for the year...
Bible Verse of the Day: Titus 2:2-12
Old-Site of the Day: Rick's TV Homepage Online since at least 2005, but old-school even then, this site is a large collection of video info the webmaster found interesting or nostalgic. Divided into sections called Channels, just like a real TV.

1-2-19 Happy 2019 everybody! This is the 1st official update for the new year, so let's get things started off right with Psalm 90:12
And what about the Old-Site of the Day? How about Y2KInfo.com, in 1999. "Could that technological dynamo of the nineties get whacked by Y2K?" "How can industry trade groups pronounce telecommunications companies and gas and electric utilities compliant when financial analysts say otherwise?" "What is Y2K?" I dunno, but my Tandy thinks it's 1918. ;) Have a happy New Year folks, and I wish peace & prosperity to you in the comming months. 303;94

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