November 2019

11-8-19 Old-Site of the Day: Dan's Home Page Going through Video Game Nexus' list of deleted sites, I found one hosted on Geocities. When Ilooked it up in the Wayback Machine, I discovered it had been moved to AtariHQ. AtariHQ is still hosting websites, including a modern version of this page: Dan B's Videogame Tech Website

11-6-19 Image Map Creator Fairly easy. Not an old-site, but useful.

11-4-19 Bible Verse of the Day: 1 Peter 3:21

11-2-19 Old-Site of the Day: VectrexCS Another from Classic Gaming Nexus' archive. A fan site fir the Vectrex from someone who never had one, but was always interested in the system. He finally got to experiance it via emulation.

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