Dec. 2018

12-31-18 Well, it's New Years Eve. I'd like to thank everyone who's visited this year. This site has listed Over 370 Old-Sites since starting a little over a year ago. Hopefully we'll be able to continue next year! 492;108

12-30-18 317;65

12-29-18 Old-Site of the Day: The Movies Cliche List was started in 1994(!) to list things folks noticed in a ton of movies. People emailed suggestions, which were added to the list. The list is divided into topics, like Airplanes, Kids, and War. There are over 50 topics to explore. Not related to Rodger Ebert's book, Ebert's Little Movie Glossary - a compendium of movie cliches, stereotypes, obligatory scenes, hackneyed formulas, shopworn conventions and outdated archetypes. 415;75

12-28-18 As of last night Gigablast is back online. Still, we need more search engines.
Bible Verse of the Day: Matthew 11:28-30
Are Open Source Licenses Contracts? Yes.
Old-Site of the Day: Sells film (naturally) online. Also sells other nostalgic products, like LaserDisks, Records, etc. Since 1999, according to the copyright. 438;64

12-27-18 It looks like Gigablast, the small search engine started by Matt Wells in 2000, has gone offline. No reason why; no closure announcement; the page has simply disapeared. If it doesn't come back I guess I'll need to find a new search engine. I liked Gigablast tho. The results weren't always the best, but it had been around for a long time, was independent, & had links to other major engines, for easier searching. 358;60

12-26-18 Bible Verse of the Day: Luke 2:27-35
Old-Site of the Day: Clutch Cargo Jr's CARTOON-O-RAMA!!!, in 2006 Who would use that as their sceen name? Found this when looking up Space Angel on Wikipedia. It's a fan page for several 60's/70's cartoons. Oddly, there's no page for the site's namesake, Clutch Cargo. The author had another site on AOL's homepage service; perhaps the Clutch page was on that site. Yep. Probably last updated in 1999. 696;88

12-25-18 347;88

12-24-18 It's Christmas Eve! I wish you & everyone else in the world merry times & peace!
Bible Verse of the Day: Romans 6:1-5
Interesting article on Implied Licenses. Also looks like the blog has other good info on IP & copyright stuff. 359;94

12-23-18 387;96

12-22-18 Bible Verse of the Day: 1:6-7
Old-Site of the Day: Foster's Films & Collectables From the front page: "PAUL FOSTER FILMS is now in its 21st year of trading and specialises in the selling of 16mm film, super 8 films, 35mm films and projectors. We also have a large range of accessories. Paul himself has been a collector for over 30 years, so you can benefit from his vast knowledge of the film market." Since 2004, according to the copyright. Dig that spinning logo. 518;100

12-21-18 It's a bit early, but just in case I can't do so later, Merry Christmas!
Bible Verse of the Day: Ecclesiates 5:18-20 557;118

12-20-18 Bible Verse of the Day: Genesis 1:20
Old-Site of the Day: Is that too many dashes? Anyways, this is a site for, well, look at the title. Offers downloads of abandoned video & computer games, since at least 2003. Has fairly good descriptions of over 10,000 programs. 846;98

12-19-18 Besides, what do the followers know? Some folks on Instagram are posting fake ads to gain "cred." Ok then. Sounds like a good way to get yourself into a trademark violation lawsuit.
Bible Verse of the Day: Isaiah 11:6
Old-Site of the Day: The cgiemail home page Cgiemail was a program used to send form contents to a host via email. No longer supported, MIT left this page up for informational purposes. Contains some reasons for providing free software. 670;129

12-18-18 Bible Verse of the Day: Luke 1:78-79
Old-Site of the Day: Not In My Backyard! Here's another late 90's web comic I found listed in TVTropes. A weiner dog has comical adventures defending his turf from local critters. The author gave it up when he couldn't find anyone to syndicate it, but he left it up for all to enjoy. apparently, he's created a succesful line of toys, so he can afford the bandwidth. 650;130

12-17-18 Verizon's AOL/Yahoo merger's going as well as expected. Serves them right for shutting down DMOZ & Compuserve's forums. (Not the employees per se; but the orginization's loss of value.)
Bible Verse of the Day: Matthew 1:20-21Old-Site of the Day: Zombi-&-Mummy While raeding TVTropes this weekend, I stumbled upon this. It's a webcomic from the early 2000's with some good art & creative layouts. Two halloween creatures try everyday tasks. Not especially funny, but still charming in its own way. I linked to the christmas comic, which has benn up since 2003. Here's the main menu, if you want to read more. And they have a button:
Zombie & Mummy Gif
Cute. 1153;193

12-16-18 403;65

12-15-18 Bible Verse of the Day: Luke 1:30-33810;118

12-14-18 376;55

12-13-18 Video: Amazon's Pre-Licensed Fan-Fic publisher I didn't know they had that... Oh, wait. They shut it down in August. No series I'm that interested in anyways.
Bible Verse of the Day: Leviticus 19:18
Old-Site of the Day: Jack London International Official fan site for the man who wrote White Fang and Call of the Wild. Haven't read the books, but some of the movies were ok. Since at least 2000.
Search Service of the Day: " is a small human curated, directory of web links to both websites and to individual web pages. We try and list pages that are informative, fun, classic and useful." 749;117

12-12-18 Old-Site of the Day: After moving to the country a couple started keeping large dogs for protection. Here's their about page, with more info. Online since at least 1998, with few/no style changes since then.
Bible Verse of the Day: Matthew 6:19-20 305;49

12-11-18 Bible Verse of the Day: Ezekiel 40:4
Old-Site of the Day: From their homepage: "G. Finkenbeiner Inc. has been providing high quality custom glass lab ware and quartz products for 55 years. Our close proximity to Boston places us in the heart of the academic research community as well as many of the finest technical industries that New England has to offer. Our specialties include prototype and unique apparatus for all types of chemistry, biotech, and pharmaceutical applications." I found them by looking up Glass Harmonias on Wikipedia. Online since at least 1998. 550;141

12-10-18 Bible Verse of the Day: Deuteronomy 18:15
Old-Site of the Day: Sometimes I enter common words into my browser with ".com" or ".net" at the end just to see what shows up. Here's a nice 2000's-style movie site, kinda like Allmovie. Since 1999, according to the copyright, & still updated today. I like the film-strip menu. How many theaters still use film? Does anyone know? 274;46

12-9-18 285;58

12-8-18 Bible Verse of the Day: John 14:6
Old-Site of the Day: That's the biggest Ben Franklin's I've ever seen! It must have started out as one of their larger "Family Centers." Ok, a bit of history; Ben Franklins was a chain of 5 & 10 cent stores which went bankrupt in the mid-90's, juts before dollar stores revived the basic concept. Most of their stores were franchises, so there are still a few around the country. This one's in Nags Head, North Carolina. Here's what their site looked like in 1999. Still just a single page online brochure. In 1999 it appears to have been part of a link scheme for other Nags Head businesses. No harm there; if your in a town having all the businesses link to each other could be helpful.
Would Norway's Orphaned works solution work in the U.S.? Interesting copyright article. 681;124

12-7-18 Today is Pearl Harbor Day. My condolences to everyone who lost someone. Tho it's been a long time loss always hurts. Peace to you, & God bless America.
Bible Verse of the Day: Deuteronomy 20:1-12 508;103

12-6-18 Bible Berse of the Day: John 10:14-18
Old-Site of the Day:, in 1998 A great name for a movie site. Found via Wikipedia. Here's info from their about page: "Cinemaweb is a collective of independent film and video websites, sharing interwoven space on the World Wide Web. By combining their resources, smaller companies, publications and authors who might otherwise be overlooked in the WWW universe are able to benefit from a large, oft-browsed location." So it was like an online co-op? Cool. By 1999 it had a fairly nice silent movie history page; that's what Wikipedia linked to. Today the entire site appears to have gone offline. :( 556;190

12-5-18 Bible Verse of the Day: Genesis 13:13-18
Old-Site of the Day: Pages for programming projects, with resources for moding Quake, porting projects for various games, & a 3D game engine. Earliest archived version's from 2001. Had more personal content at the time. By 2002 the emphasis was on programming. 758;128

12-4-18 Bible Verse of the Day: Haggai 1:9
Old-Site of the Day: The Official QuArK WebSite Quake Army Knife is a program for moding Quake & other games based on the same engine. Since atleast 1998, going by the news archive. I'm not a major FPS fan, but a full-featured free 3D engine which should be able to run on any PC made in the past 15+ years is nice, and Quake had a scripting language, so you can use it for other games/animations. QuArK also works with other engines.
Will a two-column layout work on a phone? 782;153

12-3-18 Sorry about waiting so long to update today; it's just been a long, busy day. Some days are like that.
Bible Verse of the Day: John 6:35-70
Old-Site of the Day: The Official 60's Site a bit of a late bloomer, only dating to late 2006, if the Wayback Machine is any indication. Lots of nostalgic info for baby boomers about pop culture from the era. The old list of TV Shows left out Lost in Space. The current one, luckily, includes it. Fwew! I was about to get mad! ;) 492;76

12-2-18 241;56

12-1-18 Christmas is coming; Merry Christmas!
Bible Verse of the Day: John 1:1-2
Old-Site of the Day: "Welcome to the Archive! This microsite replicates our old site as it was from March 2002 until April 2015. The only thing we've changed is adding a banner at the top of each page to let visitors know that this isn't the current site." A directory of Anime sites, with a monthly newsletter. Their new site is an ad for an anime-finding app. Return to the Main Menu