March 2019

Updates in Month/Day/Year format:

3-29-19 I found a video of Takakonuma Greenland when it was open, & I added it to the article.

3-25-19 Wow... It's almost the end of the month. Comes fast doesn't it?
Bible Verse of the Day: Luke 12:13-20
Old-Site of the Day: Not about the things you put under your drink; it's about Roller Coasters. Online since at least 2006. Cusses a bit too much for my tastes, but some neat pictures.

3-23-19 Forgive me for updating less lately; a lot's been going on. I want to do too much, & I lack the time to do even what needs to be done. I did add a few details to the Takakonuma Greenland article yesterday. With that in mind, here's the Bible Verse of the Day: Psalm 39:6
Old-Site of the Day: The style's not that old, but it's not modern either. I like it better than most modern sites. Search function's broken tho. I found it looking at an old article on 3D graphics. Online since at least 2001; hasn't updated in eight years.

3-20-19 Bible Verse of the Day: Genesis 1:31
Old-Site of the Day: Atlanta Time Machine Online since at least 2004, this site "is dedicated to examining local history by comparing vintage photographs of Atlanta with much more contemporary images shot, more or less, from the same perspective of the original photographer." Old pictures are always cool, so this might be fun to look through.

3-19-19 Taking a little break from the Old-Site of the Day to bring you info on Takakonuma Greenland, Japan's "haunted" amusement park, shroded in Mist & Mystery till today.

3-18-19 Old-Site of the Day: Friends of Pleasure Island About a theme park build by ex-Disney employees in 1959. Same company designed Herritage Square & Six Flags. Since at least 2007.
Bible Verse of the Day: Romans 15:8-13

3-16-19 Over 67k views! Thank You! Sorry for the lack of updated lately; I've gotten busy.
Old-Site of the Day: An archive of old books. Since at least1999. This page says 1995. Looks like the actual books have been removed, sadly.
Bible Verse of the Day: Ecclesiates 12:10-14

3-13-19 Search-Service of the Day: DirectHit??? They're still around??? And They're not mirrioring Google or Bing??? Or Dogpile??? Why didn't anyone tell me!!! ...Ok Looks like it's owned by the same folks who own Ask. Last I heard Ask doesn't have it's own index anymore; wonder where they're getting the results...
Bible Verse of the Day Always encouraging.

3-12-19 Old-Site of the Day, Herritage Square's Website, in 2003 I just found out Herritage Square, a small amusement park in Colorodo, closed last year. The rides were sold off & the buildings, excluding one or two historical structures, were/are being torn down. Herritage Square originaly opened in the 1959 as Magic Mountain, a rich Colorodian's response to Disneyland. It closed in the 1960, but reopened in the early 70's as Herritage Square. I wanted to go, but was never able to make the trip. [Note: I originally said Magic Mountain opened in the early 60's then closee in the late 60's. Forgive the error.]

3-11-19 Almost halfway into the month. Where does the time go?
Bible Verse of the Day
Old-Site of the Day: The Towering Inferno Archive Info about the 70's disaster movie directed by Irwin Allen. Last updated in 2016; has been online for at least 19 years.

3-8-19 Bible Verse of the Day: 2 Corenthians 1:3-7
Old-Site of the Day: An animation & comics history & news site, focused on Britian. Since at least 2000. Found it when researching Captain Pugwash, a simple cartoon from the 50's & 70's. The produrecs couldn't afford frame-by-frame animation, so they created cardboard cutouts which could be moved with off-camera levers. Actually, it works quite well.

3-7-19 Bible Verse of the Day: Psalm 139:23-24
Old-Site of the Day: I found this site trying to find info on voxels. Gigablast led me to this old Ray Tracing News page. The site itself first appears in the Wayback Machine at it's current domain name in 2000. It started out as a simple page for a book on graphics. Now it has a list of books, some of which are free. Has a link to Graphics Gems' site, which I think I already covered. Oops...I already covered this site. Oh well. Knew I should've checked. :/

3-6-19 Bible Verse of the Day: Isaiah 25:1-3
Old-Site of the Day: ThemeParkPage "Your On-line Guide to Theme Park Resources" according to their old site. Has sections for videos, toys, games, pictures, art, books, etc. Found it when searching for info on Rocky Point, a defunct theme park in Rhode Island. Looks like the webmaster set up a little mini-site for the park, isolated from the main page. There's no site map, but it looks like you can browse the site's directories um... directly. Dates to at least 2002.

3-5-19 Old-Site of the Day: Ars Technica: The Archive It turns out the old version of Ars Technica is still online as an archive. Same basic style; just faster & less bloated. (Alright, there are a few more roundes corners & gradiants too.) Looks like they changed formats in 2007.Bible Verse of the Day: 1 Peter 3:3-6

3-2-19I'm so sorry I didn't update Thursday; It was so busy I barely had time to get to a computer.
Old-Site of the Day: Beyond Games, in 1997 I memory serves Beyond Games made Alien Vs. Predator for the Atari Jaguar. They also made Checkered Flag. I like the slick metalic lok of their website & the simple layout. Games they offer, games in development, & an about pagg, does a developer's site need anything more?
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