April 2019

4-30-19 Well, it's the last day of April. Forgive me for updating less often. I have too much going on to get here every day. Still, I don't want to give up.
Old-Site of the Day: KitCarList.com A large list of manufacturers for kit cars & kit car parts. I'm not talking about scale models either; these are real full-size, street legal cars which come as kits. Since at least 2006

4-25-19 Over 71k views! Thank You!
Gwtagacw has left Neocities. I'm not sure why; sounds like he/she got into a fight with some other members. He/she hasn't left the internet tho: Here's his or her new site.

4-24-19 Bible Verse of the Day: 1 Peter 3:18-22
Old-Site of the Day: Google Answers Answers was discontinued years ago, but they left it online as an archive. Kinda a neat idea; wish the service was still around. Of course, if it was still around it would be so bloated I'd hate to use it.

4-19-19 Stanley Vs. Sears Stanley is suing Sears over a Craftsman tool ad. Sears sold the trademark to Stanley before their bankruptcy, but kept a license to use the name. A recent Sears ad said Sears was the real place to buy Craftsman, & Stanely thinks that'll make consumers mistrust their Craftsman branded tools.

4-17-19 Bible Verse of the Day: 1 Corinthians 1:18

4-16-19 The roof of Notre Dame cathedrial in Paris burned over the weekend. Most of the art was saved, & people have already pledged more than $300 million to help restore & rebuild the church. The fire was probably an accident started by restoration work.
Old-Site of the Day: The Eighties Club A well-designed site from 2000 about the 1980's, with sections on computers, movies, sports, TV, music, etc. While the website is still online, the domain listed on its front page is for sale. Weird. Why would they pay Tripod for ad-free service then forget to renew the domain?
Bible Verse of the Day: Matthew 6:19-20

4-15-19 Over 70k unique views! Thank you!
Old-Site of the Day: The Star Wars Collector's Archive I featured this site awhile back as "Tors R Gus." Here's the current URL. A great resource for Star Wars memorbilia information, since the mid-90's.
Bible Verse of the Day: Romans 13:6-7

4-10-19 BiblebVerse of the Day: Exodus 20:1-17
Old-Site of the Day: KilRoyWasHere.org About the WWII character seen on airplanes, always sticking his nose into things.

4-9-19 Old-Site of the Day: Home of the Underdogs An old database of game reviews, since 1998 according to the copyright. Here's the site's history page.
Bible Verse of the Day: Matthew 26:24 Since I'm sleepy today...

4-8-19 Old-Site of the Day: GeaugaLake.com, in 1998 Geauga Lake was a large , old theme park in Ohio. Dating to the 19th century, it had the world's 1st rollercoaster with two loops, the Double Loop. The park closed in 2007, & most of the rides were torn down.
Bible Verse of the Day: Romans 5:10

4-6-19 Over 69k unique views! Thank You!

4-5-19 Old-Site of the Day: 夢の彼方へ・・・横浜ドリームランド An article about Yokohama Dreamland. The author goes to the park on it's last opperating day, in 2002. He or she reminisces about the park & describes the factors which led to it's closure. (traffic, poor rail access, fewer Japenese families having kids.) Taken offline recently, when Geocities Japan shut down.
Bible Verse of the Day: 1 Corinthians 5:14-15

4-3-19 Matt Wells has changed Gigablast slightly; instead of giving you the option of running a search on Google or Bing, it lets you run a search on Startpage or DuckDuckGo. Wells has been trying to make his engine privacy-focused for awhile now, so this is one step in that direction. I still wish he'd include more engines, like Mojeek, Exalead, or Curlie.
Bible Verse of the Day: Ecclesiates 10:20
Old-Site of the Day: Uer.ca A database of abandoned places people have explored. I found it when looking up abandoned theme parks. First appears in the Wayback machine in 2002. Some interesting pics, but they really shouldn't be poking around all those places. For example, the Fair Park in Dallas, TX is not abandoned; it just has a really short opperating season.
And Atari's owners have decided to give the Ataribox a better processor. They've also decided to use a two part case instead of the multi-layer case they announced earlier. And they've deelayed the system's release. No word as to if they have a working prototype yet, & their supporters are getting kinda antsy.

4-2-19 Bible Verse of the Day: Luke 20:14-19
The past few weeks have been so busy...I'm frazzeled, & can barely think. Hopefully I'll be able to update this site more regulary soon. Forgive me it that's a ways off.
Old-Site of the Day: SpreePark.de Spree Park was a big amusement park in East Germany. It closed in 2002, but still stands today, overgrown & forlorn. Somehow the website's still online, looking about the same as it did when the park closed. For awhile you could take a tour of the ruins, but I think they've stopped that.

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