Updates August 2017

8-25-17 Well, according to the hit counter WebSiteRing's had 30,135 hits since it launched near the end of last November; 16,052 (unique?) visits. Thanks Everyone!

8-24-17 Old-Site of the Day: DanielSays.com Started as Dan's 20th Century Abandonware in 1999. Has a large gallery of old software organized by OS. Also archives computers, computer books, etc. Has a good article on the dangers of the cloud.
Bible Verse of the Day: 1 Kings 18:44 98;65

8-23-17Old-Site of the Day: Harvest: A Distributed Search System Website for an open-source search project.
Bible Verse of the Day: Matthew 6:25-34

8-22-17 Old-Site of the Day: All-Reviews.com A review site started in '98. Doesn't appear to have been updated since '04. Relied on user submitted reviews, but would pay users for their reviews. Fairly easy to navigate with lots of content.
Bible Verse of the Day: Luke 3:11 151 (And Mew Too!); 107

8-21-17 Old-Site of the Day: The World of Push Puppets By someone calling themselves Honeywood. Here's how the webmaster described the site: "This is the first (??) on-line web site devoted to push puppets - you know those little toys that wiggle, jiggle, dance & collapse when you push the button in on their bases." Started in '99; Last updated in '03.
Bible Verse of the Day: Nehemiah 1-2:7

8-20-17 169;95

8-19-17 Old-Site of the Day: Digital Monster Island Reviews of monster movie DVDs from when DVDs were still new.
Bible Verse of the Day: Romans 7:6-8
Search Service of the Day: DanielsNet.net Well, well, well, MelonKing made a search engine! Only feature curated links; e.g. sites he chooses from submissions. I'm ready for an adventure. 213;111

8-18-17 Sorry for not Updating Today. 84;37

8-17-17 Combined Old-Site and Search Service of the Day: WebDirectory.com Surprisingly, it's not ageneral web directory; it has an environmental focus.
Bible Verse of the Day: Genesis 2:8-14 97;52

8-16-17 Old-Site of the Day: The Unknown Movies Page A website for "The Obscure, Unknown, and Little-Shown" movies. Used to be hosted by BadMoviePlanet, but that site's been gone for years. Good reviews, but too few pictures. (Like I'm one to talk. :)
Bible Verse of the Day: Ephesians 4:25-30 Guidelines for a Christian life; tho some of them are still useful if you're not Christian. 118;57

8-15-17 SearchService of the Day: WolframAlpha I think I'll wait for WolframBeta :/
Old-Site of the Day: Unmade Giant Monster Movies Lists (you guessed it) unmade giant monster movies. Also lists changes made to movies when they were in development.
Bible Verse of the Day: Genesis 14:13-20 69;31

8-14-17 Old-Site of the Day: The Digital Press For some reason this site's at DigitPress.com instead of DigitalPress.com. A large, still-updated classic gaming site. Probalably the best place to get classic gaming info in the early 2000's. Also hosts and links to many sites.
Bible Verse of the Day: Deuteronomy 4:3-4 116; 59

8-13-17 92;52

8-12-17 Search Service of the Day: Replaz.com Just another small search engine. The mobile version uses centered text in the results page.
Old-Site of the Day: StopMotionWorks.com A large site full of resources for stop motion animators and enthusiasts. Since 2000.
Bible Verse of the Day: Genesis 2:7 Just remember we can't create anything without our own Creator. 150;71

8-11-17 Bible Verse of the Day: Mark 15:24
Search Service of the Day: EarthStation9 A good-sized web-directory. I like the formation; having the main category listing as a sidebar is helpful. Also has a guide for Worlds Fairs. I get the feeling this was someone's personal project. It's been online since at least 2001, so it's also the Old-Site of The Day.
And Google's recieving more fallout from firing the engineer who wrote thet memo I linked to earlier this week.Google CEO Pichai cancels 'town hall' on gender dispute And more: Someone is plastering anti-Google ads outside Google's office criticizing CEO Sundar Pichai NY Times Honsetly, this is getting too ugly. I know it can get worse, but it's gone far enough. Please, if you're listening and you have any influence, stop. Be calm before things worsen. 167; 96

8-10-17 Has it already been 10 days since the start of August? That's amazing. Time moves too fast.
Olde-Site of the Day: OneMission Tried to find this last night, only to discover that it closed. A user-edited web directory, similar to DMOZ, but with much less oversight. Kinda became a free for all mess, but I still didn't want/expect it to close; it had been online since at least '98 and had changed little since then.
Correction: Facebook's AI was shut down because the experiment was over, not because it developed it's own language. If you want to read the article which says so, here it is.
Search Service of the Day: Glimpsy A directory organized buy verbs; ask yourself "What do I want to do?" then click on the best link.
Bible Verse of the Day: Ecclesiates 3:1-8
Removed my META description tag; the short quote Google provides looks more relevant for most queries, since the quote usually contains keywords a searcher's looking for. I added a short intro to the beginning of my site a few weeks ago, so if someone's just looking for my site Google will still have something relevant to show. 173;87

8-9-17 Bible Verse of the Day: Esther 5-7 I know it's longer than usual, but it's a great story, and this is what's needed to get the feel of it.
Old-Site of the Day: Text Retrieval Confrence I'll just pull a small quote from the site which explains its purpose: "The Text REtrieval Conference (TREC), co-sponsored by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and U.S. Department of Defense, was started in 1992 as part of the TIPSTER Text program. Its purpose was to support research within the information retrieval community by providing the infrastructure necessary for large-scale evaluation of text retrieval methodologies." So, it's basically a U.S. government sponsored review of search engines and related tech.
Search Service of the Day: LiquiSearch.com Not 100% sure what this is. Looks like they're combining Wikipedia data with clustering tech to build a knowledge base. 190;85

8-8-17 Controversial Google Memo Most news sites are calling this an anti-diversity memo. Thing is, it's not. The author suggests that Google has it's own biases, and that their diversity programs should be changed to reflect diferences between men and women, but that's only so Google can become diverse successfully, not because he wants to exclude women. Apparently, that was enough to get him fired. To be fair Google has been criticized for having too many men in their upper ranks; this was probably ment to send a message than anything which could be precieved as sexist is not tolerated, and the original version of the memo linked to other documents; I have no idea what those said, or if they were incredibly off kilter.
Old-Site of the Day: StarFireSwords.com He makes swords! Found this as a link from BadMovies.org. Here's what the site looked like in 1997, the 1st time it appears in the Wayback Machine. Here's what it looked like in 2003, about the same time Andrew posted his review of The Curse of Count Chocula, where I found the link.
Bible Verse of the Day: Judges 4-5
Search Service of the Day: OpenText The Open Text Project offered one of the 1st web search ebngines, but was basicly drummed out of the search business when they began to offer paid results. Still around, as a metasearch engine focused on enterprise customers. 412;177

8-7-17 Bible Verse of the Day: Psalm 20:1
Deer Fern Farms Uromastyx Care Page A care sheet for spiny-tail lizards. First launched in 1992, last updated in 2012. Here's what it looked like in '99
Search Service of the Day: Alligator Directory Sadly, not about alligators. Still a cool name. Appears to be selling links to webmasters who want to increase their PageRank, but this site doesn't show up when I search for its name. That's probably a bad sign. 54;36

8-6-17 Sorry, no update today. 40;22

8-5-17 Bible Verse of the Day: Hebrews 1:1-4
Old-Site of the Day: The Complete Works of William Shakespeare Let's add some class to WebSiteRing, shall we? Started in '93. Apparently went off line in the late 90's due to a server failure; the hard drive crashed. Found via a link in a movie review. 34;29

8-4-17 49;35

8-3-17 Search Service of the Day: Findeen 46;29

8-2-17 Bible Verse of the Day: 2 Corinthians 5:1-10
Old-Site of the Day: The Puppetry Homepage Found this as a link from the Puppetoon site I listed earlier this week. Pro puppeteers provide info on puppetry. Online since at least '98.
Search Service of the Day: Magelln.com New privacy focused meta-searchengine. Owners plan to develop their own index.

8-1-17 Old-Site of the Day: LegendCup.com A Monster Rancher fan site. Has permission from game's developer, a rarity for most fan sites. Has a collection of banners for folks who link to the site:
Legend Cup Banner 'Kiss your Ash Goodbye,' Links to banner page
I know little about Monster Rancher; ABC scheduled it directly against Pokemon, so I never really watched it. What I did see wasn't been bad. This site's more about the games, which I've never played. While the seiries was never as popular as Pokemon or Digimon, it does have a respectable cult following.
Search Service of the Day: eTools.ch A meta-search engine from Europe; Carrot2 uses it for results. Lists engines it mixes, some of which sound interesting. Probably meant as a tech demo for an enterprise search service.
Bible Verse of the Day: Matthew 1:20-21
FaceBook AI "Develops Own Language" Basically Facebook has some systems which use AI. They were programed to speak in English, but some of them began speaking to each other in gibberish. Naturally that means they developed their own language and pose a threat to humanity; it's not just a glitch. :-/ Still an interesting idea for a movie; two computers develop their own language then go rogue. Not sure it's been done, tho Colossus: the Forbin Project came close. 79;53

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