December 2021

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12-20-21 It's monday, but that's better than usual, because it's 5-days from Christmas!
Merry Christmas!!!
Christmas Tree
I'm probably going to take a break till the end of the year. Happy New Year Too!
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12-17-21 Bible Verse of the Day: Matthew 1:21

12-14-21 Bible Verse of the Day: Luke 1:26-28
Old-Site of the Day: Lone Star Junction, in 1996 This went offline recently. It's about Texas. "Howdy! And welcome to Lone Star Junction, a service provided for the benefit of both Texans and "foreigners" alike. If you have an interest in Texas and its early history, you've found the right place in cyberspace. We're pleased that you stopped by for a visit and hope that you return often." Sounds nice enough.

12-13-21 Bible Verse of the Day: Matthew 2:4-6
Old-Site of the Day: FamousTramp An AngelFire site about hobo culture. Features songs, stories, quotes, & links to other sites. Since aat least 2003. Seems virturaly unchanged since then.

12-11-21 Video - Why should you register your copyright? The rates have gone up a bit since this video was made.
Bible Verse of the Day: Psalm 146:7
Old-Site of the Day: Green Acres Home Page About the 60's TV show set in the rual town of Hooterville. Since at least 2000.

12-10-21 Bible Verse of the Day: Deuteronomy 18:15-16
Old-Site of the Day:, in 1998 An online store selling movies & games. Currently redirects to Planet

12-8-21 Old-Site of the Day: Planet Sinclair About the electronics & computer manufacturer who made the Spectrum. Since 1994; lastupdated in 2003, going by the copyright.
Bible Verse of the Day: Joh 14:5-6

12-7-21 Pearl Harbor Attack, live radio broadcast with added film footage & photographs Apparently, they also added sound FX. I still need to find a version without those.

12-6-21 Bible Verse of the Day: John 10:14-15
Old-Site of the Day: " NEWS FLASH! Monsters rule the ratings! The Nielsen Television Index reports that for the week of 2/21/00, Monster Rancher captured a 5.9 household share of the boys aged 2-11 and a 7.4 share of boys 6-11. With Pokémon getting only a 5.6 and 7.2 share, that means that Monsters really due rule with you guys. Thanks to all you Rancher fans who are putting Genki and the gang on top!" ADV's official site for the series, in 2000. If I remember right, Kids WB had run out of Pokemon episodes, & was mostly showing repeats at the time, waiting for teh next season to get dubbed. That might explain the ratings drop. Get in the zone! The Monster Rancher Zone, that is! Now you can have your favorite Monster Rancher episodes on video! So you can join Genki, Holly, Suezo, Mocchi, Tiger, Hare, Golem, and all your other favorite monsters any time you want!

12-3-21 Added another link to my page on Pokemon Fan Sites & News Articles, This one's for PokeBeach, & their interview with Masamitsu Hidaka.

12-2-21 Let's continue DEC month with in 1996 I like it; a simple grid-based menu outlining their site's contents. Would probably even work on a cell phone today.
Bible Verse of the Day: Luke 6:24-26

12-1-21 It's Digital Equipment Corporation month! so let's hear it for Alta Vista! that's the earliest version of Alta, from 1996, but it's not DEC's site; that was at Someone else bought the domain name before DEC, & simply linked to the search engine/copied the search form.
Bible Verse of the Day: John 1:1-14

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