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1-31-18 End of the month...
How to link to Curlie, DMOZ's sucessor/continuation. Will create a search box or links to categories. I added this to my profile feed yesterday, might as well add it here too.
Old-Site of the Day: Opus Games.com, or "Penguins and Programmers" A homepage dating to at least 2001. Uses Opus the Penguin as a mascot and is about programming, naturaly. ;) Also has infop on other things the webmaster is interested in. Robotech! The Dragon Riders of Pern! Book, Movie, and Game Reviews! Archeology!
Bible Verse of the Day: Psalm 86:8-10 599;146

1-30-18 Old-Site of the Day: GBADev.org About developing games and demos for the Game Boy Advanced. News Archives go back to May, 2003
Bible Verse of the Day: Matthew 10:38766;189

1-29-18 Old-Site of the Day: RRSD.com Robert Ramey Software Development, contains resources for programming. Since at least 2000. Here's his list of Game Boy color resources. Includes a 10MB zip file of tools, and links to otther useful sites.
Search-Service of the Day: Gigablast, again. Yes, Matt Well's little search engine's back in the news, if you consider this site news. ;) He's added an image and news search function, which is kinda nice; I'll have to try them to see how well they work. He also took away the DMOZ and Amazon search links and added a Paypal donate button.Read about it in Mat Well's Blog. And it looks like he's already removed the new features. Too bad. And now they're back.
Bible Verse of the Day: Genesis 1:26
90's Search Engine Commercials 672;107

1-28-18 254;63

1-27-18 Search Service of the Day: Goto.com Yes, the late 90's PPC innovator is back. This time they're a human edited engine; they'll return regular results with relevant user-created groups of pages mixed in.
Old-Site of the Day: The Game Console.com Lists video game systems, with a short write up of their history. Newer than most sites I list, but still over 10 years old.
Bible Verse of the Day: Psalm 119:2
Here it is, a description of what a Tide Pod'll do if you put it in your mouth. Basically the pH levels are low enough to cause burns, and the gel-like consistency gives it a chance to really burn you. Can cause bleeding and swelling. If you inhale, it can cause lung problems. I'd imagine most kids think it's something like bar or hand soap, but it sounds a bit closer to drain cleaner. (Note: That does not mean "eat regular soap." It means "eat edible things, not cleaning agents.") 502;77

1-26-18 Old-Site of the Day: Harry Mulder's Gameboy Development Harry Muller started developing for the Game Boy because new PC's were too powerful; he couldn't have fun "pushing the limits." Contains code examples, a tile and map designer, etc.
Bible Verse of the Day: James 4:10 546;121

1-25-18 Bible Verse vof the Day: Exodus 20:15 466;81

1-24-18 Bible Verse of the Day: Leviticus 11:4-6 Someone on Badmovies.orgentioned Night of the Lepus, so I thought of this.
Old-Site oif the Day: Rich 12345 A list of articles about the Apple II. Very simple, but well-organized with some good info and pics.

1-23-18 Old-Site of the Day: Child's Play Family Daycare Resources for taking care of and entertaining young childeren. Since 1999.
Bible Verse of the Day: Mark 10:13-14 294;72

1-22-18 Old-Site of the Day: GameBoy Dev'rs Till last year (or maybe the year before) this was the #1 site on Google for Game Boy homebrew programmers. A directory/blog of sorts, with links to resources for folks who want to make games. Goes back to 2002. Most of the older links are dead.
Bible Verse of the Day Exodus 14:4 466;79

1-21-18 278;75

1-20-18 Old-Site of the Day: BigList.com Before forums were popular, email lists offered a way for folks with similar interest to communicate. BigList has an archive of 'em. This particular post is about the Gameline, a modem for the Atari 2600.
Bible Verse of the Day: Deuteronomy 10:17 384;76

1-19-18 333;105

1-18-18 Bible Verse of the Day: 1 Corinthians 10:13
Old-Site of the Day: When Movies Were Movies A site about the "Golden Age" of Hollywood. Also has sections on silent and current films. By Dave Smith, since 2000. 341;87

1-17-18 Bible Verse of the Day: John 1:3-5
Old-Site of the Day: The Oldskool PC Carnival An online freak show of failed computer components. Since 2003. Would be better with pictures. :( 438;53

1-16-18 Old-Site of the Day: LabGuy's World About pre-VHS and Beta video tapes. Contains a museum, technical info, FAQs, a list of equipment, inventor bios, etc.
Bible Verse of the Day: Job 37:10 361;72

1-15-18 Old-Site of the Day: NBTV.org The Narrow-Bandwidth Television Association is a Brisish organization of hobbiests who try to recreate early elecrto-mechanical TV systems. Their website 1st appears in the Wayback Machine in 2002.
Bible Verse of the Day: Galatians 5:22 435;104

1-14-18 193;67

1-13-18 Bible Verse of the Day: Jonah 1:8-12
Old-Site of the Day: TVHistory.tv Traces the first 75 years of TV History. The .TV distinction was actually a small country's top level domian name, like .uk or .jp. A company licensed it's use then sub-licensed it to several websites, I rember PAX's website ending in .tv. 436;104

1-12-18 Old-Site of the Day: Blam1 Has sections on LaserDisks, Star Trek on LaserDisks, Universal Studios movies on LaserDisks, etc. Since 1996; Still updated.
Bible Verse of the Day: James 5:14-15 395;90

1-11-18 Old-Site of the Day: Silicon Genesis No, it's not another Bible site. Interviews with tech pioneers, hosted by Stanford University since at least 2002.
Bible Verse of the Day: Ruth 1:8-9 412;118

1-10-18 Old-Site of the Day: TimelessTruths.org From their homepage: "Timeless Truths is a free online library with resources including the Bible, magazines and books, sheet music, midi, and recorded audio. It is dedicated to the edification of those who love God, and to seriously address the questions and concerns of those who wish to inquire about the Bible and how we should live." Fairly nice layout, which hasn't changed much since 2003.
Bible Verse of the Day: 1 Peter 5:8-10 337;92

1-9-18 Bible Verse of the Day: Genesis 2:23-24
Old-Site of the Day: AesopsFables.com or .org or .net An online collection of fables credited to the ancient Greek slave. Also looks like it has similar stories by other writers or story tellers. Includes lesson plans, morals, and RealAudio recordings. Fun Quote from their homepage: "Nearly as old as the Olympics, bigger than Dinosaur, older than the Titanic, more complex than Pokemon and more of them than Beanie Babies are Aesop's Fables. Every day hundreds of entire classrooms of kids from all over the world stop by to read, learn and enhance their living experience. This website is widely read by all cultures from all over the world. Next time you are using napster and downloading mp3 files, stop by here while that runs in the background." Since 1997.
Alligators in a Frozen River Forgive me for getting off my technology focus, but alligators are cool, and this is one of the few times they'll make the news without killing someone or being killed themselves. The alligators came up before the river froze and stuck their noses out of the water so they could still breathe once the river froze over.

1-8-18 Goodness...Almost forgot the year. Bible Verse of the Day: Luke 13:7-9
Old-Site of the Day: VideoGameMags.com Lists pre-86 video game magazines, since 1998. Inculdes a brief review of each magazine, noting how much of the magazine was dedicated to technical content. 336;86

1-7-18 345;101

1-6-18 Exodus 14:4
Old-Site of the Day: CEDMagic.com This site's been around since at least 1998. It's another home video history site, this time focused on RCA's CED format. (Read the site if you want to know what that was.) 386;106

1-5-18 258;69

1-4-18 Great. Now there are hardware-level security flaws. WARNING! This link includes a video.
Bible Verse of the Day: Exodus 6:6
Old-Site of the Day: The Cartivision Site There's been a lot of VHS nostalgia lately, but VHS wasn't the 1st home video format. Here's a site devoted to Cartivision video tapes, invented in the early 70's. The site's been around since at least 2003.

1-3-18 I guess I meant full calender year; I technically started thins in 2016.
Old-Site of the Day: Island Pond Railroad Someone built a small-scale railroad in their large backyard as a hobby in the early 2000's, and this site documents it in photographs.
Bible Verse of the Day: Genesis 6:14-16 286;99

1-2-18 Wow... Starting on this site's 2nd (callander) year. Thanks for all the views and kind comments.
Bible Verse of the Day: Luke 4:1-13
OLd-Site of the Day: The Universe of Captain 20 Nostalgic page about a 60's/70's kids show. One of those local shows that had contests and played cartoons. Created by one of the old hosts, who played Captain 20, an astronaut. Virtually unchanged since 2004, when it first appears in the Wayback Machine.

12-24-17 to 1-1-18 I can't get daily views for more than a week and my hit counter isn't working so... here's what I can find:

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And now the Hit counter decides to work. Ok. 26,151 Unique Views; 77,613 Hits. 591;97

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