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7-31-17 Sorry for not updating this weekend; it was busy.
Old-Site of the Day: George Pal's Puppetoons The history of an old cartoon series, presented by AWN. I didn't know AWN used to host other websites on their servers, but I guess it makes sense. Most larger sites from the late 90's would host smaller, related sites, usually under a sub-directory. Actually, Gamasurtra still hosts new blogs for video game makers.
Bible Verse of the Day: Song of Solomon 4:8
Search Service of the Day: Carrot2 an open source implement5ation of several clustering algorithims. Doesn't have it's own index; will let you search Wikipeida or a meta-search engine. 63;53

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7-28-17 21;21

7-27-17 Bible Verse of the Day: Genesis 8:22
Old-Site of the Day: SUPER TOY ARCHIVE "This page Opened on Decemebr 28th, 1997" Lists toys made from the 70's to the 90's. Member of several WebRings(R). Lots of cool pics, and info on the toys and TV shows that inspired them.Here's the WayBack Machine's earliest crawl of the site. 50;46

7-26-17 Search Bias? A long paper asking about the FX a search engine would have on society if it manipulated results. Bias is an emotionally charged word; forgive me for using it, but it is the correct word here, in spite of any emotional connotations it may hold. (I haven't finished reading this yet, but it seemed important.)
Bible Verse of the Day: Acts 4:18-22 30;30

7-25-17 Bible Verse of the Day: Proverbs 14:21
Search Service of the Day: GoGuides.com Another spin-off of Disney's old Go.com directory. This one requires both editors and submitters to pay.
Old-Site of the Day: DigitalMediaFX.com An animation news site. Hasn't been updated in over 10 years, but should still have some good historical information. At some point these sites cross a line and become contemporary documents. (I've said that before, but it bears repeating.) 36;36

7-24-17 Sorry for not updating for the past 2 days; I've been busy!
Bible Verse of the Day: Psalm 40:5
Old-Site of the Day: TrafficZap.com A bunch of old SEO tools. No longer that useful, possibly even dangerous to your rankings, but interesting.Search Service of the Day: Gigablast Yes, I've featured this site before. That was as an Old-Site of the Day, not as a Search Service of the Day. To tell the truth I'm running a bit low on search services; unique ones are much harder to find that old websites. I have found some neat older pages about Gigablast: Slashdot Comments on an Interview, The Interview, Webmaster Comments from when the Engine Launched. 36;35

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7-21-17 All About Neocities Well, that desereves a backlink, don't you think?
Bible Verse of the Day: John 3:20-21
Old-Site of the Day: Fluid Dynamics Software The owner's planning to sell the domain name this month. It may already be sold. Till the 31st you can download shareware and freeware copies of the software; after then the software's gone, probably forever. 230; 146

7-20-17 Sorry, I ran out of time to update.

7-19-17 Old-Site of the Day: Explore Hidden Levels in Atari 2600 video game, Mountain King That title describes the page perfectly. Created in '99 last updated in 2012.
Bible Verse of the Day: John 18:20-24 45;41

7-18-17 Old-Site of the Day: Yesterland.com Another site I liked in highschool, tho I never spent much time there. Not in relation to other sites at the least. Lists old Disneyland and Disney World attractions, Disney history too. Still updated.
Bible Verse of the Day: 12:42-43
Search Service of the Day: Cluuz.com Creates a tag cloud for each site, to help you narrow results. Also extracts pictures, phone numbers, etc. from sites to display in your search results.

7-17-17 Old-Site of the Day: StillThings Sells movie memorabilia. Flashy, mid 90's design; lots of animated GIFs.
Search Service of the Day: Contenko Returns one page of results, and half of those are ads.
Bible Verse of the Day: Titus 3:5
WebSiteRing's Views: 52; 48 Unique.

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7-15-17 Bible Verse of the Day: Leviticus 19:15
Old-Site of the Day: GoldMonkey.com Tales of the Gold Monkey was a U.S. adventure TV series in the early 80's, made to capatilize on the success of Raiders of the Lost Ark. The show didn't last long, but it did gain a cult following. Here's a fan site with more info, from 1996, probably last updated in 2010. The fourm is still up!
Search Service of the Day: SupremeSearch.net This site decided to become a Yahoo-like portal instead of a Google-like search box. Really poor results tho. 31;29

7-14-17 15;14

7-13-17 Finished Net History article. 57;51

7-12-17 A Brief History of the Net and Net Nutrality. 213;94

7-11-17 Bible Verse of the Day: 1st Chronicles 29:11
You can get a free small Slurpee today at 7-11 convience stores. I got Dr. Pepper
SpriteClad fixed the link to his new site.
Old-Site of the Day: Tomy Pocket Games - The full List I was on the ViodeoGameCritic's forum the other day, and someone mentioned these. They're not video games; they're small plastic toys, (and they look kinda cool.) Searching for them on DuckDuckGo brought up this page within the 1st 10 results.
Search Service of the Day: DotHop Displays search results as a carousel of screen grabs. 30;29

7-10-17 NeoCities News of the Day: Spriteclad has moved. Spriteclad was one of NeoCities' oldest and most-followed sites. Founded in October 2013, it had a great section on older websites. The author cited cost, lack of FTP support, and a bad community as reasons for the move. (Community's not that bad folks; just different opinions is all.) Currently, the old Neocities page's links to a new domain, but the link does not work. Wish you well Spriteclad!
Old-Site of the Day: www.RobertNewton.net A bio of the actor who played Long John Silver in the 50's Disney version of Treasure Island.
Search-Service of The Day: Zeerch.com A family-friendly engine powered by the smae tech as Yioop, but with it's own index. (Remember, Yioop's tech is open source.)
Bible Verse of the Day: John 5:12-18 23;23


7-8-17 Search-Service of the Day: Subjex.com Returns topics for your entered keyword. You can then click on a topic to see related results. Does not use links to determine relevancy, but may use click-through rate. Only indexes pages submitted to their search engine, not the entire site.
Old-Site of the Day: Dragon and The Hawk Promo site for a martial arts film. Here's what it looked like in '99
Bible Verse of the Day: Job 39:26 37;34

7-7-17 Old-Site of the Day: Crazy About TV.com Has atricles about TV shows, their history, triva, etc., Listed by decade or genre. If anyone tells you "good content" is enough to succeed on the web, don't believe them. This site's articles are as good as Wikipedia's, but have you ever heard of it?
Search Service of the Day: SitiDi.net A recent find. Just another small search engine, indexing about 3-4 million sites. Uses "AND" searching tho, which is nice.
Bible Verse of the Day: Deuteronomy 8:5-6 22;21

7-6-17 Sorry for not updating today; Busy Life. 32 Views; 28 Unique.

7-5-17 Looks like ScrubTheWeb sold their domain name on July 1. As of last night, someone's set up a directory prominently displaying the domain's age and other factors SEO folks should like. Don't buy into it; if they're already bragging about how great this domain is for a backlink they're sure to ruin it very soon. They even mispelled some of their category names. :( On the plus side they didn't block the Internet Archive from crawling the site (yet), so there's still an historical snapshot of what it looked like.
Search Service of the Day: The-Arena.co.uk A small search engine and directory. Claims to have been online since 1980.(!) If so that would probably make them the oldest search engine, but it's only half-true. The web didn't exist until 1991; in 1980 they were a directory of BBSs. They didn't have a public search engine til 2000.
Old-Site of the Day: The-Arena in 2001.
Bible Verse of the Day: Romans 8:28

7-4-17 Happy Independence Day to everyone in the U.S.A! Sorry for not updating; holidays are like that. 15;15

7-3-17 Search Service of the Day: Zanran.com Designed to extract data from tables. Can also be used as a general search engine.
Old-Site of the Day: www.infonetware.comThis was on my list of search engines, but the search form doesn't appear to work. Of late search engine news sites have been buzzing about structured data, how Google plans to use it, how to include it in your website, etc. But that makes little sense; language is structured. This company developed a series of programs to extract data from language's natural structure. There is a demo which breaks down a paragraph into different parts. I'd like to see how this would work in a search engine. If you type in the adress without "www" you get infonetware's current site. Here's an article about structured data, from an SEO tool company.
Bible Verse of the Day: Mark 2:5-12 21;21

7-2-17 20;16

7-1-17 Well, it's a new month, and I've still not moved April's updates to the archive. What can I say? I've been busy.
Old-Site of the Day: 2600 Shadows An Atari 2600 fan page.
Search Service of the Day: BubbleHunt.com A few weeks ago someone showed up on Resource-Zone's message board and suggested their new search engine, Bubblehunt, might be a good replacement for DMOZ. It allows users to create searchable groups of sites. Returns results in user generated clusters. Not really a good replacement; there's no way to drill down through an ontology to get more specific results. Neat idea tho. Still not entirely original; SearchKing let users mak a portal for their prefered sites. Excite and Ask had similar-looking clustering systems. This just combines the two approaches.
Bible Verse of the Day: Luke 17:20-24 28;28

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