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10-31-17 Bible Verse of the Day 1st Samuel 28 A witch, a ghost, and a prediction of doom? In the Bible? Yes...That's why I chose it for today. Happy Halloween Folks!
Old-Site of the Day: DarkShadowsFestival.com Dark Shadows was a late 60's early 70's soap opera on U.S. TV. Instead of focusing on standard melodramatic fare, the producer Dan Curtis decided to focus on gothic horror. The Collisn family deals with witches, ghosts, and vampires, and the like on a regular basis. This fan site first appears in the Wayback Machine in 2000, and its latest news article is from last year, the 50th anniversiary of the series. 813; 114

10-30-17 Old-Site of the Day: FirstStarSoftware.com First Star Software created the classic computer game Boulder Dash the 80's. Still around today, their website hasn't changed much since I was in highschool. Here it is in 2001.
Bible Verse of the Day: Luke 24:35-43 275;34

10-29-17 Sorry, no update today! 433;58

10-28-17 Old-Site of the Day: Ozyr.com Info on often over-looked video game systems, like the Vectrex, Atari 5200, and the Astrocade. Since 1993. Looks like it's still being maintained.
Bible verse of the Day: Job 26:10

10-27-17 Old-Site of the Day: The CreatiVision Emulation Central The Creativision was an early 80's videogame system/computer made by V-Tech. Never heard much about it other than the name, and the fact that the two controllers could be placed next to each other to make a keyboard. While browsing AtariAge I stumbled on a link to a site with more CreatiVision info than I ever thought I'd see! Has a history of the system, game downloads, emulators, and contemporary articles about the system. There's even a forum! (Are there that many CreatiVision fans?) Started in 2001.
Bible Verse of the Day: Psalm 51:10
An Infinium Labs Phantom Proto may have been found. Infinium labs proposed a download/streaming only video game system back in the early 2000s. They spent years trying to bring it to market, but they ran out of money before it could be released. Here's a good history of the system. And here's an old promo video.

10-26-17 Bible Verse of the Day: Psalm 30:4-5
Old-Site of the Day: Jason W. Cody's Homepage A prototypical mini-blog. The author posted pictures and paragraphs about his interests on a variety of subjects. No dates, but before 2000. Images were hosted at other sites, most of which are gone. Only two pictures, a photo of his girlfriend and an Atari Jaguar cats-eye gif, remain. 280;60

10-25-17 Old-Site of the Day: Various Classic Video Game Page Lists classic games in the webmaster's collection. Probably started in 1997 and last updated in 1999. Funky blue background on the main page.
Matthew 4:21-22 258;55

10-24-17 HozerVideo.net Makes carts of homebrew Atari 2600 games. I think he might've stopped making them. I can't find an archived version of this site from before 2010, but I can find references to it.
Bible Verse of the Day: Matthew 11:19 409;82

10-23-17 Bible Verse of the Day: Lamentations 3:22-23
Old-Site of the Day: Mecoa.com The Model Engine Company of America. Here's the earliest archived version of their site on the Wayback Machine. Over 20k Unique Views! Thank you! 447;77

10-22-17 145;44

10-21-17 Bible Verse of the Day: Genesis 15:12-20
Digital press is back up.
Old-Site of the Day: I. C. When A video game timeline. Someone at AtariAge pointed out it was the origional source of the essay I linked to on the 19th. 372;59

10-20-17 250;58

10-19-17 Forgive me for not posting an official Old-Site yesterday, I'd already featured DP earlier in the year, and didn't really want to think about another site.
Old-Site of the Day: ~gkomatsu Just an old user-directory hiding on the University of Hawaii's server. He has an old email from an ex-Atari employee, detailing the company's demise in 1996.
Bible Verse of the Day: James 1:12 581;87

10-18-17Digital Press, digitpress.com, is gone. I'll try to write more later. Also, AOL's AIM is shutting down.
I found out Digitpress closed from AtariAge's fourm. I wrote a message there, and also on the VideoGameCritic's fourm.
Bible Verse of the Day: Isaiah 40:27-29 646;101

10-17-17 Old-Site of the Day: Big Valley and Six Million Dollar Man Storyboard Old fan site for two 60's 70's TV shows starring Lee Majors. From at least 2002. It's odd to see an Anglefire site without ads; someone's paying to keep this site online.
Bible Verse of the Day: Exodus 20:4 398;72

10-16-17 Old-Site of the Day: Telegames.com A small video game publisher based in Texas. Carried Colecovision ans Atari 2600 games till '04. Here's the earliest archived version of their site, from '96. Here's a later version, from '02, when they still had Atari and Coleco stuff.
Bible Verse of the Day: Psalm 41 278;59


10-14-17 Old-Site of the Day: IRTC.org The official archive of the Internet Ray Tracing Competition.
Bible Verse of the Day: John 8:12 490;78

10-13-17Sorry for not updating yesterday; I was busier than usual.
Old-Site of the Day: Songbird Productions A homebrew developer for Atari Jaguar and Lynx games. Founded in 1999.
Bible Verse of the Day: Ecclesiates 3:1-8 259;70

10-12-17 227;50

10-11-17 Old-Site of the Day: GamesFirst A fairly nice video game portal, dating back to '95. If you dig around, you can find older versions of the site's layout in archived articles. Hasn't been updated in nearly 10 years.
Psalm 124:4-6

10-10-17 Old-Site of the Day: World of Spectrum "The official world archive for the Sinclair ZX Spectrum and the largest on-line gaming center on the Internet" Since '95. They have a list of publishers who decided to let users downlaod their games for free. Also, Their site search engine's named after Infoseek. I don't think they're really using Infoseek's software tho.
Bible Verse of the Day: Genesis 9:8-17 278;64

10-9-17 Old-Site of the Day: N-Sane.net A collection of blank 88x31 buttons. I'm not sure how old this is; the copyright says 2003-2007. This page doesn't appear in the Wayback Machine till 2007, but it's listed on N-Sane's main menu as early as 2004. Still a useful resource.
Bible Verse of the Day: Matthew 22:36-40
Bosconian Clone Comming to the Atari 2600!!! I know 3 exclaimation points are a bit much, but this deserves them. Bosconian is one of my favorite classic games, and it's sorely overlooked. Playing as a space ship you fly around a scrolling play field trying to destroy several space stations. Asteroids, mines, and squadrons of enemy fighters get in your way. It was probably too technically challanging to bring this to the 2600 in '81; this version may use an extra processor in the cart. 739;134

10-8-17 342;62

10-7-17 146;24

10-6-17 259;46

10-5-17 Old-Site of the Day: Outerarm A personal home page with a cool collection of ray-traced images.
New Sonic Movie "The plan calls for the movie to be a blend of CG animation and live-action, and will be the first feature film to be made starring the popular SEGA game character." Guess AWN's never heard of Sonic: The Hedgehog: The Movie
Bible Verse of the Day: Isaiah 55:6-7 531;59

10-4-17 Old-Site of the Day: Polsson's WebWorld Has a hufge collection of timelines, which the author's used to create several "Today in History" features. Here's what happened today in computer and video game history... That link should update itself every day; tomorrow it'll display 10/5 history, the next day 10/6 history, etc. He also collects A&W root beer mugs.
Bible Verse of the day: James 1:16-18
Yahoo hack worse than 1st reported. Everyone who has an account with a Yahoo-owned service had info stolen. That includes popular services like Tumblr and Flicker. Even if you abandoned Yahoo's email service years ago, even if you haven't had them as your homepage since the 90's, you could still be affected.

10-3-17 Old-Site of the Day: TRsRockin This was a cool Pokemon sitye, but the webmaster got bored with Pokemon and let it go offline. When it was alive the site had large sections on glitches and bootleg toys. Also had a good fanfic section, and a section on Pokemon Live! A bizzar-sounding official-licensed stage musical. This is a mirror set up by a fan. The site's origional web master has a Deviant Art account, focused on Cosplay.
Bible Verse of the Day: Matthew 6:19-20
UK planning to punish people who watch terrorist videos or view terrorist websites. They alredy have laws against downloading terrorist content. 584;102

10-2-17 Old-Site of the Day: Y.A.B.P.H.P. "Yet Another Boring Pretentious Home Page or Yes, A Barb Petersen Home Page." Chosen because of this anti-trolling document, from 1999.
Bible Verse of the Day: Proverbs 29:20 No Traffic Stats :(

10-1-17No traffic report?

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